5 Things You Should Know About Air Conditioning Maintenance

5 Things You Should Know About Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your heating and cooling system uses over 50 percent of your energy costs in your home.  While changing the air filter is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your air conditioner working, a regular maintenance routine with an air conditioning professional will keep your unit from malfunctioning during the hottest days of the summer.

5 A/C maintenance tips:

  • Have your unit checked each year
  • Costs can range from $70-$100
  • Beat the rush and schedule your maintenance before it gets hot
  • Inspection checks coils, capacitors, compressor & refrigerant
  • Up to 5 percent efficiency loss if unit is not maintained

 Jose, AcePro Founder: “For a typical tune-up on your air conditioner it’s probably going to cost around $70 to $100. But also keep in mind, we offer maintenance plans that will save you money by signing up for a whole year.”

What we do: Going to the outdoor unit we check the indoor coil, the outdoor coil, the capacitors, compressor, do an all systems check on the electrical and make sure everything is tightened check the refrigerant level, the temperatures and make sure the system is efficient and operating as it should. If the outdoor coils are dirty, if the cooling capacity is not up to par and they are not getting air flow out things like that can show that the air conditioner needs to be tuned up. It is true that you can lose up to 5 percent efficiency because if the system is not operating the way it’s supposed to such has dirty coil, over heated motors, lack of refrigerant effects how that system is efficient so as it goes through the year it can lose efficiency if it’s not tuned up properly.

An annual air conditioner check up is the easiest way to keep your air conditioner in top condition for years to come. To ensure you’ll get worry free, and money saving, performance from your A/C, schedule a regular maintenance call today.

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