Air Conditioning Repair | One way or another

Freon pressures are critical for the winter season. Most customers do not even know they need air conditioning repairs , because heat pumps have auxiliary heat. The customer usually finds out , because the electric bill has tripled or next spring when they go to turn the A/C on , the problem then is not only no Freon, they have damaged major components of the system because they ran all winter on extremely low or no refrigerant .

If your AC and heating system is older (10 years is a benchmark used by some of the municipal rebate programs) or not very efficient, before doing a major repair, such as replacing a compressor, coil, or heat exchanger, you should also compare the cost of replacement. Most rebates and tax credits require the installation of a new system to qualify. Plus you’ll lower your monthly utility bills and future repair bills. If you are in a position to possibly replace your system, you can use our free grid to compare bids.

If you know your system needs refrigerant , the fall is the time to address your air conditioning repair issues. Better to address this small problem now to save yourself money.

The leaks will not magically go away. One way or another it will be fixed, now on the cheap or later for a pretty penny.

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