How to Identify a Quality Heating and AC Contractor


Research and word of mouth go a long way in finding the right HVAC professional

With summer bearing down on most of the country, countless families are preparing to turn on their air conditioners for the first time in an attempt to escape the heat. They probably look alright, and seemed to have weathered the past season well with only a little dust to show for their slumber. But, after setting the thermostat and trying to turn it on, you’re not hearing a thing. Not a signaling ‘whir’ as the fan attempts to turn over and definitely not any cold air emerging from the vents. The thing is dead to the world, and your next step is clear: you need to find a quality HVAC repairman.

Air Conditioning Repair Contractors

Even to the most experienced do-it-yourself home repair gurus, air conditioners are a different beast and definitely benefit from a tried and tested professional. Electrical work can be tricky, and a simple repair can turn into something worse if anything goes wrong. The yellow pages have listings, but the chances of finding the best out of the bunch relies mostly on luck. A search of the internet for local repairmen could show promise, and sites like Angie’s List can prove invaluable for customer feedback. But this is your home, and you want to make sure you are bringing in a dedicated professional who will treat you right and not charge you an arm and a leg for their services. Heating and cooling contractors know that a satisfied customer will more than likely tell five of their friends, while an unsatisfied customer will tell twenty. Word of mouth is a powerful advertisement, so have a seat and start making a few calls to your friends and neighbors looking for a referral or two.

Questions to Ask When Talking with a Potential AC Repairman in Your Area

It sounds simple, but start by introducing yourself and telling the contractor a little bit about your home. In a perfect world, you could be working with this repairman on all sorts of future projects, such as air duct cleaning after a long winter, furnace repair in the fall, and a whole host of other projects should the repairman be licensed to help. Too many folks these days only look at the bottom line, and don’t want to take the time to build a trusting relationship with a repairman. Should your furnace go out, or your hot water heater decide to quit, it’s always best to have someone available that you trust and are comfortable with should a situation arise.

When speaking with them ask about their rates and what services they are licensed to provide, make sure to ask about emergency availability, and maybe a little bit about their insurance coverage. If you get the right answers, invite them over to look at your problem. If they do the job well, you just found yourself a reliable repairman for not only this job, but for any future jobs as well.

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